Public Speaking

In a modern world in which we are continually homogenised in terms of material objects and cultural influences, it is our imaginations and how we use them that will differentiate us. It’s what makes us, unique. ‘Creativity’ isn’t just about drawing something, making music, writing a book or finding a new solution to an age old problem. It isn’t a Muse, or mysterious process, or a gift from the Gods. It’s a way of life. It allows us to evolve, to stay, not only useful for longer in an era of extended lifetimes, but most importantly to be happier with every dopamine rush and chemical high a ‘Eureka’ or moment of insight gives us.

 The new century requires Innovation across all disciplines and yet it needs a foundation of imagination and creativity which is what artists have in abundance. Big leaps in creative thinking result from little creative moments every day, but we can only allow these to happen with a change in perspective. By combining my science background, a lifetime as an artist and the teaching skills gained from children during my 19 years as Director of Proeducation, I continue to build creativity programmes for the Thinkers of the 21st Century. I have been invited to speak and lecture publicly on how creative thinking leads to change in many fields having worked with clients from all disciplines including: Derby Silk Mill Museum, The Engineering Club, Lincoln Business School, BIS, The Awareness Centre, The Science Museum, The IOP, RSC and Glaxo.

 Please do get in touch if you would like to find out more. Dr Jasmine Pradissitto, BSc(Hons) BA (Hons)