I am a physicist and painter who sculpts in light, plastic, metal and mineral geoploymers. Using materials, some of which have been discarded, forms inspired by nature, the human condition and scientific and technological evolutions, are melted or reshaped into Quantum Sculptures. Just as the relationship between the observer and the observed is not limited to the Quantum world, I believe we can improve our relationship with a natural world we are increasingly disconnecting from. As we enter an Anthropocene era, we have the opportunity to live not only more sustainably, but also to achieve the Transcendence which technology could facilitate. I search for an 'Ethics of Progress' in which the old harmonises with the new and both, are in resonance with that which is best about humanity; our empathy and compassion.

Upcoming 2019

 May 'Breathing Art into environmental issues' E&T Magaziine celebrating Da Vinci's 500th Anniversary

June 11th The Francis Crick Intstitute JSPS Gut Circuits
June Collaboration with Milliner Carrie Jenkinson for Ascot 2019 and The Animal Ball-The Daily Telegraph

July 8th The Vanguard of Sustainable Art at The Museum of London with MTART Agency
Summer  'Breathe' A Public Art sculpture for 'The Wellbeing Walk' with MTART Agency, Euston Green Link and The Mayor of London Fund

ISBN Book 'Pillow Talk' with South London Women Artists, Melissa Budasz, Kim Thornton and Moira Jarvis and Goldsmith's Women's Art Library as co-curator and writer.

“Pradissitto offers up a fractured visual plane upon which pictorial traditions and art theory meet with Quantum theory and scientific methods. She welcomes us to the Quantum Age with an astoundingly proficient artistry that leaves one embodied, empowered and present in a world that will oft leave us unanchored and lost. Where subject meets light meets object, so too does Art meet Science.”


Richard Hore-Curator