“It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.”

Henry David Thoreau


Imagine a world without the limits of position and form. Where the very act of viewing changes what we view, where the impossible becomes the probable. Such is the world of light and very small things. Such is the world of Art and Science, Painter and Physicist, Duality and Quantum.

The spontaneous, the paradoxical, the fleeting transition, whether as a Quantum Painting, a captured portrait, or a burst of creative thought, is my passion.

The duality of my work is deliberate just as is the nature of ‘Light’. Watercolour subtracts from pure light, yet the opposite happens in the Quantum Paintings, where colour appears, seemingly, from nowhere. Thought provoking, distinctive, divergent, and contemporary, yet embracing the wonders of modern physics to create images that resonate. And resonance remains with us.

Different doesn’t stop at what should be, but what could be.

I am, a Quantum Artist

Dr Jasmine Pradissitto